Between each cooking process and after each cooking process the appliance needs to be cleaned as follows:

  • Remove power cord and plug form the point before cleaning.
  • It is essential to wipe both plates clean after each use. Your will find that is it much easier to clean the plates immediately after removing food whilst the plates are still hot.
  • The exterior of the SILEX is stainless steel and should be cleaned using a damp cloth and a good liquid scourer, for example, “JIF”. The hinges are removable for easy cleaning. The exterior is best cleaned when the SILEX is warm. Do not use conventional oven cleaners are these may damage the special plate treatment.
  • After cooking, wipe SILEX clean as normal and then in order to create a cleaner and smoother surface, place a damp cloth across the bottom plate and close the lid for a few seconds. Steam created helps dissolve carbon build-up. Remove cloth, scrape off carbon and re-season plates.
  • Do not use a metal scraper on your plates for the first 20 hours of cooking time. This allows the plates to harden. For the first 20 hours we recommend that the plates are cleaned using a plastic/Teflon coated or wooden spatula and wiped afterwards using a good quality kitchen paper. Thereafter, a metal scraper can be used gently for removing excess fat and carbon particles.
  • Do not be alarmed if you scrape away the original black coating on the plates. This is put on to initially protect the plates until an oil patina has built-up, providing you always maintain that patina by keeping the plates very lightly oiled. The non-stick properties will not be affected.
  • It is recommended that all accessories be washed by hand. After washing your baking dish, rub a bit of oil over the surface with a paper towel so the coating will not dry out.