Live demonstrations will be held on...

SILEX High Speed Grills, Waffle Bakers, and Crepe Makers
60% faster cooking speed on a Silex double contact grill than open top grills
for meat, seafood, & light meals. Combined with better quality through natural juice retention, & long term reliability through decades of refined German engineering means your kitchen will be more efficient.

There will also be tastings of...

PORTIOLI authentic Italian Espresso coffee blends and the decadent
Velvet coffee. The winning choice for your café or restaurant - consistent premium quality & high yield. The unique Portioli coffee experience for
lovers of great coffee!

On display & demonstration will be some
of our extensive range of...

GIME espresso machines for cafes, restaurants or the professional office or home; including our 2 group Sinfonia, single group Archimede, as well as our new Miss P Capsule machine. Your Portioli coffee experience in harmony with quality engineered GIME espresso machines.