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Silex Cleaning Gel & Vaporiser Spray Bottle


This SILEX Altec Cleaning Gel 1 Litre bottle comes with the vaporizer bottle to dilute the cleaner with water and to make it easy to apply.1 litre makes 10 litres of cleaning solution with vaporiser spray bottle. Silex cleaner is designed to break down fats and oils and it dissolves carbon on any surface. 

  • You can use this on other surfaces such as splash backs, bench tops, stainless steel, sinks or exhaust canopies. 
  • For exhaust canopies dilute, 1 part cleaner to 30 parts water to make a thick like gel. This way you can brush it onto the canopies and it will not drip off causing mess.
  • Let it sit for approximately 15 minutes then wipe clean
  • Use the vaporizer bottle to dilute the cleaner with water.
  • Add Silex cleaner to the marking ‘1.10’ and then fill with water to the marking ‘450’.
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